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July 11, 2008


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oh goodness, that is cute! i'm a secret reader of your blog because, well, i can't sew. my DH can, but not me. :( but i just adore all your fabrics! i wish i had another creative name for your store, but i just love your blog name ~ fabric chick :)

Shabby Miss Jenn

Happy Birthday girl! Are we celebrating at the usual spot! LOL I missed last year! Chayce's bday is monday...so hopefully sometime we can bring a quilt cake to ya! :) xoxoxoxx


ooo... I'd love to win that!! Thanks for the chance! :)


woot! Happy birthday! that pincushion is adorable and about a hundred million times cuter than my tomato one!!! (that was my grandma's...) I'd love it! :) Good luck with all that fun stuff happening with you!

Gabi Butcher

Happy birthday BETH!!! I saw you pin cushion at SMJ blog and I just loved it... I'm probablu not eligible to win since I live in Brasil... but I had to come and complimment you on the beautiful work, amazing colors!!!

Congrats on your birthday and have a happy happy day and year!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!Love that pincushion:) I am soooo droooling over those purse kits, now just to decide which to choose:)


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!Love that pincushion:) I am soooo droooling over those purse kits, now just to decide which to choose:)


that is SOOOO cute!! SMJ is brilliant and sooooo cool!!!
love the pincoushin, and I MUST HAVE IT!! LOL

(I love your blog background pp btw!! too shabby!!)


No name ideas posted yet? Yowza! Do you have any nick names?

Fabric Infinity

Infinite Fabric

Have an awesome Birthday! Your online shops rock! Can't wait to hear about the brick and mortar one.


Totally beautiful! Those fabrics are just to die for....and would make great patterned paper! :)



Congratulations and Happy Birthday!


Just adorable! And so inspiring! Happy Birthday!


I love your fabrics and your beautiful style! Good luck with the move and with finding a name. :)


Fabric Frenzy
My head is jumbled, i will try to think of more later. In the mean time, I hope you have a very Happy Birthday!


Ohh, how about "Sew Creative"

Teresa Victor

Happy Birthday! :) I saw this adorable pin cushion on Jenn's blog and just had to stop by. Definitely adding you to my blog list. Best of luck to you with the new store! I've just recently become addicted to sewing, so I need all the help/inspiration I can find!

Jess Gordon

That is the CUTEST!!! I also came here via Jenn's blog :), so happy I did! I actually got a sewing machine for my last birthday, and I reeeeeally want/need to learn to use it :). Anyway... I'm so bad at choosing names, but hmm, let me throw a couple out there just for fun...

Fanciful Fabrics
Fabric Fancy/ Fancy Fabric
Quilting Queen/ Queen of Quilts

Ok... I'll stop now LOL! Happy Birthday and best of luck with everything :)!

maureen fox

Happy Birthday Beth!!! Hope Roger's got something wonderful planned.

I love "Craft Chicks, a creative gathering place" Or "Craft Chicks, a creative place to gather"

Or how about "Creative Chicks, a crafty place to gather"

I think if I'm related to anyone in the biz I can't compete for the pin cushion, but I just know I'm the winner. :-)


I love the pincushion!! So bright and cheerful!


Happy Birthday Beth! I hope you have lots of fun! How about calling your shop Fabric Chick? That way people can relate your blog to your shop? My mom says happy birthday too, she's out here visiting right now. :)


Last week I had to pick up a spilled box of pins, argh! Pin cushion is way to cute and useful. Birthdays Rock!


gorgeous!!!!! i'm sorta collect pincushions - well actually I buy fruit-shaped ones for my DD to play with. This one is beautiful!


How CUTE!!! Why I'd love to have a pin cushion just like that :) Am I too late? As far as names for your store (I have to say, I do like "The Fabric Chick" also), what about Funky Fresh Fabrics, Fabulous Fabrics...IDK - that's hard!


Hi there! I was directed to your blog by Shabby Miss Jenn. ;-) The pin cushion is ab fab. Any thoughts of maybe publishing the directions? I have one of the old tomato style pin cushions, and would like to make something like this instead.

About your store name - is there some reason you don't want to go with "Fabric Chick?" Well, then, how about "Chic 'n Fab" ??? Really, though, if you already have a fan/customer base that knows your name as "Fabric Chick," you might want to go with it.

Happy Unbirthday, and well-wishes in your new endeavor!


I hope you had a wonderful birthday Beth!!!! How thrilling to have a "real" store! I agree that Fabric Chick is a great store name. It's fun and spunky.
Please don't draw my name, I'm seriously running out of room for anything else here. :)

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